spatialized umbrellas

externalizing the relationship between yourself and your surroundings through light and sound

GranniStation • gestural control of granular synthesis from jmsaavedra on Vimeo.

this video is best heard with headphones, as the audio is recorded stereophonically to preserve the spatialization.

The Spatialized Umbrella offers an entirely new dimension to walking in the rain.  Through light and sound spatialization, this unique umbrella creates an immersive, mobile, and highly personal multi-sensory environment.  This micro-environment is controlled by the user as various sensors help the umbrella react to your movement through a space.  Each unit contains several ‘raindrops’, and in context with several Spatialized Umbrellas, each unit becomes it’s own ‘raindrop’, enveloping the larger space as a whole.

To read more about how the umbrellas work, as well as to see how they are made, see my blog. The Spatialized Umbrella is another one of my projects that utilizes a HackDuino, specifically in this case for size purposes.

6 umbrellas were exhibited October 2009 Pluto Festival, in Opwijk, Belgium.

thanks to : greg climer, clay ewing, jess floeh, and ira goldberg

April 2009.