hackDuino Project

tutorials and blog located at http://hackduino.org

The hackDuino project came from a need for a cheap alternative to the Arduino development board.  I realized that several projects I was making, as well as some students in the class were only using a few of the 20-something analog and digital pins on the board, but were sacrificing an entire $28 Arduino to maintain any project in working condition.  I discovered a little-known tutorial on how to create your own Arduino using the ATMega chip and a few other components, and decided this needed to be heard louder.  By the end, I had perfected my handmade circuit using perfboard, and had gotten the price down to around $8, and the size down to 1″x2.5″.  Since then, I have never purchased an Arduino board, nor have I created a final prototype that contains an entire Arduino board. I created the hackduino.org project site where projects that use an ATMega chip Arduino alternative could be showcased, along with several other Arduino variants.

Of course, there are MANY Arduino clones out there, and since I began the site, the technique of breadboarding ATMega chips and using the Arduino IDE to program them has become more common practice in the art-geared physical computing community. However, I still have many plans to develop ATMega development boards with specific uses.  The site remains live, however is not updated with any frequency.

Winter 2008.