Salutations ! My name is joe. I am an interaction designer // assistant professor // developer // artist // programmer // human living and working in NYC. I like to make things.

My work lives in the domains of connected objects, sound, the internet of things, creative computation, embedded sensor networks, data, and interactivity.  I am very interested in the relationship of the human body and environment, specifically in terms of how we measure, feel, and perceive our surroundings. I work to quantify this input and output (perception and reaction) in ways that allow them to be expressed through externalized physical and digital means.

Check out this artist talk I gave at Design Indaba 2011, to get an idea of some of my work up until then.

Please feel free to email me ( saavedra [at] ) with any thoughts, comments, questions, suggestions, or really interesting spam.  Or there is always github // linkedin // vimeo // delicious // flickr // google+ // instructables // youtube // twitter

My CV (current November 2012) can be downloaded here or viewed below.